Empire Snipers Spring Travel Ice Hockey Program 2022

Spring 2022 Travel Ice Hockey

We are very excited to announce we are bringing the world class hockey organization The Empire Snipers to ice hockey. The Empire Snipers were formed in 1996 and have a very long history of developing hockey players with a long and impressive alumni list. The organization takes pride in all they do. All of the founding members are still part of the organization showing their beliefs in pride, team and commitment still hold true. You ask any alumni…Once a Sniper, always a Sniper! 

We will be looking to field multiple teams in every birth year between 2009 and 2015 to compete at Elite/AAA and AAA/AA levels. Teams will be selected from the interest questionnaire attached by the Empire Sniper coaching staff. All players will be placed on teams that will compete at the appropriate skill level for that player and that team. The coaching staff has knowledge of all players at every birth year in the area.

All teams will play in two tournaments and received 6 practices.
All players will receive jerseys and socks.

These are the Tournaments we are attending but are subject to change to an equivalent level tournament…

Pittsburgh Super Series May 6th-8th
Boston CCM Blue Chip May 22th-24th


Cost - $800 Per Player

Please Contact Derek Kern with any questions.

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