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Empire Snipers - Spring Travel 2023

Spring 2023 Travel Ice Hockey


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We are very excited to announce that after a very successful inaugural spring ice season The Empire Snipers are fielding teams for the 2023 Spring season for the 2011 to 2017 birthyears at multiple skill levels.  For any player that is interested please fill out the player interest form by clicking on the link above or below.  You will also find the player and tournament selection process for the Empire Snipers below. 


Instead of tryouts the teams will be made by the Empire Snipers staff based off the players who have completed and submitted the interest form. The Snipers staff is very familiar with the players and their skill level at these birthyears in the area.  This enables us to place players on the appropriate teams for their skill level for all to learn, enjoy and be competitive.  The skill level of each team will determine what tournament each team will attend as we are looking to send teams to tournaments that they will be competitive at.  Once the teams are made, we will send out invites in early December to all players selected for that team. The invites will let you know what team and skill level that player is accepted for. We will include what tournaments we are planning on attending with that team as well (this is subject to change as sometimes tournaments get canceled, do not have enough teams for certain divisions, etc.). At that point in time each player will have the opportunity to accept the invitation or decline.


Each team will attend two tournaments and have six practices.

Cost will be $750 for players that have Snipers Ice Jerseys and Socks

Cost will be $900 for players that need Snipers Ice Jerseys and Socks

Season will be April to June

Player Interest Form due by December 10th


Possible Tournaments (subject to change) – Shamrock, Minuteman Classic, Pittsburgh Super series, Spring Fling, Stamford Spring Showdown, Lobsterfest, CCM Blue Chip, The Clash 


If you are interested in playing for the Empire Snipers this spring you must fill out the interest form by clicking the link below by December 10th.  After December 10th your application may not be accepted.  Please make sure you click submit when you are finished filling out the form. If you have any further questions, please reach out to me.


Thank you,


Derek Kern



Please Contact Derek Kern with any questions.


To Complete Player Interest Form Click Here